Voyage Austin: Meet Erin Cunningham
Sightlines: Texas Sculpture Group plans book
East Austin Studio Tour 2020 

"Each year of Big Medium's art tour we open our doors and invite the community to view artwork by a selection of local artists. The art is installed in our artful home, and the audience gets to experience the work outside the traditional white box gallery.

The women selected for this annual exhibition demonstrate a mastery of their medium and a dedication to their craft."

Navigational Instruments

Plumb Line, 2020

Erin Cunningham and Sarah Hirneisen search for solutions in an environment at risk. They replicate and re-contextualize everyday objects used to alert and protect the public from unseen danger, such as respirators, traffic cones, safety fencing, and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition to items used to indicate hidden dangers, mystical tools such as divining rods tell stories of where water or other resources can be found beyond the human eye. Their constructions have been re-imagined as rudimentary instruments to navigate the unknown and guide us towards solutions. Natural elements burst through these man-made replicas optimistically reaching toward a better future. 

Video by ICOSA

Convergence, Erin Cunningham

Interview with Big Medium